The Narcissist (The Dark Triad, Book 1)

First book in “The Dark Triad” Serie, The Narcissist is an introduction into the mind of powerful players, dark seductive personalities that use attraction, sex, and emotions to control and get what they want.
The story starts in a remote place in Alaska where Kevin, a mysteriously sensual man, brings home a young, terrified, and sexually abused Amy to take care of his children. The problem is that there are no children to care for when she arrives, but soon there will be.
Amy is not the only girl Kevin brings to his glasshouse in Mud Bay, Alaska. There are Lily and Katie, his young, beautiful, and innocent partners that do not seem to be equipped to resist his charm and plans.
What happens is a mixture of indomitable emotions unleashed through the wild sex and violent endings.
By the end of this book, you will have to pick a side and name the Narcissist.
Genre: Psychological Thriller with an Erotic twist (+18 recommended)

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This is book 1 from The Dark Triad.


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